Bioclear Method Posterior Composite Course (Level 2 and Level 4)

Level 2 – Introduction to posterior composites

This course provides a new pathway for dentists to transition from GV Black dentistry, to the extraordinary world of modern composite dentistry using the Bioclear Method.

The Dominic Hassall Training Institute is also an International Bioclear Learning Centre; therefore delegates who complete the 2 day course at the BLC will become Level 2 and Level 4 Certified Bioclear Practitioners.

The course introduces the Clark Class II and the ‘Calla Lilly’ cavity designs. During the course the instructor will illustrate the importance of creating ideal surfaces for bonding as well as cavity design to avoid ditching and crack propagation. The techniques taught in this course will give the participants the skills to create composite that increase the longevity of the tooth.

Level 4 – Advanced Posterior Composites

Delegates will perfect treatment of back-to-back Clark Class II (Non-retentive saucer preparations) and discover the benefits of the new opportunistic Class II. The course will include a full review of matrix wedging options and the advantages of modern separators will be discussed. Additional instruction will include the replacement of existing restorations to provide increased structural integrity of the teeth.

Course dates:
Friday 5th & Saturday 6th January 2018

Course Breakdown

Level 2 – Practical sessions include:

-New science of strong posterior restorations and teeth

-Marginal design and prevention of white lines or visible margins in composites

-Minimally invasive Clark Class II restoration with injection molding

-Anatomic Clark matrix selection and adaption

-Calla Lily preparation – a tooth reinforcing preparation

-Achieving rock solid contacts with rounded, floss friendly embrasures.

-Rock Star 2 step polish

Level 4 – Practical sessions include:

-Minimally invasive Clark Class II restoration with injection molding

-Treatment of the adjacent tooth using the Opportunistic Class II cavity

-Composite overlay design

-Modified Hall & Deep Margin Techniques with Bioclear Molar Overlay

Course Overview

Level 2:

-Modern science of durable posterior composite

-Prevention of white lines and visible margins in composites

-David Clark Matrix selection and adaptation

-Heating and injection molding of composite materials

-Biofilm removal

-Clark 2-step Polish technique

-Clark Class II cavity design

-Injection molding for interproximal Class II restorations

-Modernize G. V. Black cavity design to Clark Modern Composite Restoration

Level 4:

-David Clark Matrix selection and adaptation

-Heating and injection molding of composite materials

-Biofilm removal

-Minimal Clark Class II

-Treatment using the Opportunistic Class II

-Direct composite Overlay restorations.


Choose from the following dates: 

-5th & 6th January 2018 – L2 & L4 (Posterior Solutions)

-13th & 14th July 2018 – L2 & L4 (Posterior Solutions)

Price: £890 + VAT

Venue: Smile Concepts,  91 Lode Lane – Solihull / B91 2HH

A deposit of £400 + VAT is required to reserve a place. The remainder can be paid 1 month later

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