Bleach Bond Conference – Mallorca

We invite you to share an unforgettable three-day learning experience with five leading members of Style Italiano. 

Truly enhance your CPD.  Plan, Do, Reflect, Relax!

Walter Devoto, Angelo Putignano, Jordi Manauta, Stefan Koubi and Louis Hardan, would like to introduce you to Bleach Bond, the first International event organised by Optident in conjunction with Style Italiano.

Bleach Bond is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in an exciting educational & social event set in the stunning Balearic island of Mallorca at the OD hotel in Portals.

You will have the chance to spend quality time with the leading members of the Style Italiano Opinion leader group, and learn about the latest restorative techniques and procedures.

Style Italiano was founded by Walter Devoto and Angelo Putignano. It is more than a group of dentists or a technique. It’s an ‘idea factory’, a philosophy, an education project, a research group, a circle of lecturers, a website and a Facebook community with 160,000 followers.  Style Italiano has developed – among many other things – four restorative techniques, 13 high-end products in collaboration with different companies, many clinical and research papers, and an innovative training centre in the beautiful landscape of Portofino in Italy. Every project is based on friendship, hard work and inclusivity.

“Beauty is created by simplicity and backed by science” – Style Italiano

First Class Hospitality provided by Optident

When: Friday 18th May – Sunday 20th May 2018 inclusive

This event includes 3 nights’ accommodation & full hospitality @ OD Hotel Portals or the H10 Punta Negra Hotel, Mallorca, please check ticket options for your choice of room and venue.


Hear what Angelo Putignano and Walter Devoto have to say about this ‘do not miss’ experience.

Agenda for Bleach Bond

FRIDAY EVENING – White Dental Beauty Welcome Party – 18th May 2018

We request the pleasure of your company at the White Dental Beauty Welcome Party, situated at the fashionable Wellies, Portals Harbour. Join us from 20.00 for drinks, canapes, music and mingling. Join us from 20.00 for drinks, canapes, music and mingling. Partners and Guest ticket holders welcome*

SATURDAY DAY – Style Italiano Bleach Bond Conference – 19th May 2018

The Bleach Bond Conference will take place at OD Hotel, Portals. Registration begins at 9.30am followed by five engaging and inspirational talks from the founding team members of Style Italiano. Continue thought provoking discussions over a delectable networking lunch at the hotel Sky Bar from 2.30pm – 4pm.

Walter Devoto, Angelo Putignano, Jordi Manauta, Stefan Koubi and Louis Harden present:


To know materials, nowadays more than ever, means to understand their practical application, to choose the ideal material on the market under the mechanical and aesthetic point of view, to understand when to choose indirect rather than direct technique, to evaluate the use of composites not only in the conservative field, but also in the prosthetic one, both for provisional and permanent solutions.

All in all, it means to properly plan the patient’s treatment, focusing on the quality of its final result and the working time to reach it. With these clear indications in mind, the dilemma of whether to use composites or ceramics is no longer an antagonistic choice but rather the two materials represent integral solutions, a choice which can be used in harmony, even in the same mouth. Therefore, clinicians now have the possibility of optimising to the maximum the advantages which these materials bring to the profession.

Walter Devoto: Whiteology: Restoring a healthy smile in our daily practice

The golden rule is to be repeatable – and that means to know and master a method, believe in it, carry it out faithfully, and use it every day. That is the only way to anticipate a great result and/or correct it if something goes wrong. By mastering simplicity, we can explore the complex. Patients love white teeth; whatever material we choose to use to restore, learn how to offer the bleaching winning recipe.

Learning Objectives:

– Material selection from composite to zirconia

– Whitening teeth to create optimum foundations for restorative dentistry

– Direct and Indirect minimally invasive techniques

– Restoring smiles for health and aesthetics

Angelo Putignano: Simplifying the creation of beautiful composite restorations

The presentation will discuss the fundamentals required to accomplish a pleasing, functional and long lasting aesthetic outcomes: treatment plan, team collaboration, understanding of the patient’s needs and selection of restorative materials. A myriad of factors affect the aesthetic and functional outcome of complex cases. Properly addressing those factors will facilitate the achievement of a predictable and successful prosthetic rehabilitation.

 Learning Objectives:

– Fundamentals of function for long lasting outcomes

– Treatment planning & team collaboration

– Understanding patient needs and material selection

– Successful prosthetic rehabilitation

Jordi Manauta: Bleach & Bond the fundamentals of case selection & managing patient expectations

Bleaching is no longer a vanity driven procedure. Bleaching means health and beauty. For many years, the benefits of non-invasive techniques have been put to the test; creating amazing results, when the correct procedures are followed. Bleaching therapy generates countless happy patients, by diminishing and treating white spots. Revolutionary techniques, are allowing us to change the way we approach teeth whitening; measuring bleaching changes mathematically, without the need to be an expert in photography or colorimetry. We want to share our knowledge about teeth whitening; allowing your patients to understand that bleaching is a painless procedure. We also want to help you assure your patients that teeth whitening is not harmful for your teeth, resulting in an honest and satisfactory exchange.

Learning Objectives:

– Transforming white spots with bleaching

– Fundamentals of teeth whitening and bleaching therapy

– Bleaching and restoring teeth for amazing results

– Non Invasive, Pain free aesthetics

Stefan Koubi: Guided Implant Placement – The full digital work flow from treatment planning to CAD CAM

Everyday dentistry must be simple, aesthetic, and guided to be accessible to all. In the field of aesthetics, practitioners are often faced with a variety of challenges. Whatever the level of case difficulty, dentists should have a mind much like an architect; meticulously planning before attempting any practical work. For example, a case presenting with extreme worn dentition and aesthetic defects (where an implant is needed), requires a full guided protocol. Using the latest press technologies, analogic treatment planning can be utilised to highlight treatment, in a case presenting with severe worn dentition. Technologies can also be used to further fix an implant case, by making use of digital workflow associated with CAD CAM material. Irrespective of the technology used, the clinical steps are driven by the final design, resulting in a precise outcome based on predictive planning. Everyday dentistry is becoming simple, guided, aesthetic and more and more digital.

Learning Objectives:

– Case Planning

– Guided implant placement

– Managing worn dentition

– Digital workflows and CAD CAM design

Louis Hardan: Mobile Dental Photography (MDP) A new era of dental documentation and communication

The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the phenomenal potential of smartphone cameras, when creating high quality dental images; and to present how to use innovative new technology, Smile Lite MDP. Smile Lite MDP is a very simple device, designed for use in mobile dental photography; allowing the user to drastically improve the quality of any photo taken on a smartphone. Well taken dental photos are an asset to any professional, assisting with daily documentation and communication in the practice. We have ensured all our techniques are feasible, teachable and repeatable, helping dentists to overcome the daily challenges they face in their everyday practice.

Learning Objectives:

– Improving your dental photography

– The use of contrasters and filters to aid in shade taking/matching

– Patient & Laboratory communication

– Empowering your team to use MDP as part of your daily patient journey

CPD = 8 hours – Learning Outcome (C)

We are all social beings as well as individuals …It’s time dress up and let your hair down!

SATURDAY EVENING – White Dental Beauty Social Party 19th May 2018

White Dental Beauty Social Party is located at the brand new VIP Social Boutique Club, Palma privately hired by us, to give you a first class experience. Drinks & Canapes on the Terrace, VIP Club entry, Champagne reception and surprises – 20.00 til Late. Partners and Guest ticket holders welcome*

Dress code:  Elegant      

Gents – Black Tie / Smoking Jacket    

Ladies: White Chic 

SUNDAY – White Dental Beauty Brunch – 20th May 2018

The day after the night before! One of the hippest things to do on a Sunday in Mallorca is relax at a beach lounge bar and drink in the chill out vibes and therefore we have hand picked one of the best on the island for your exclusive use. The White Dental Beauty BBQ Brunch is located in the sassy Paradigm Mallorca, accompanied by DJ and Sax, this afternoon from 1:30pm – 5pm promises to ease your soul and regenerate your mood. The night is yours…

*Partner and Guest ticket holders welcome

Surround yourselves with those that inspire you, take yourself away from the everyday and be part of something sensational

*Guests and partner tickets are available from £590 when a full VIP ticket is purchased.

This event includes 3 nights accommodation at either the OD Hotel or the H10 Punta Negra Hotel, Mallorca, please check ticket options for your choice of room and venue. Flights are not included. For any additional requests, dietary requirements, or ticket amendments please contact us.


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