Laser Use For Dental Hygienists And Dental Therapists

Leading expert in lasers and Periodontal specialist, Rana Al-Falaki, and Michaela ONeill, RDH FAETC, have specially designed a fully comprehensive, three module course spread over three dates.

It will examine the advantages, uses and protocols of laser use within a dental hygienist’s and dental therapist’s scope of practice.

Many dental professionals speak of the benefits of dental lasers in the field of dental hygiene.

In light of this, more hygienists, therapists and dentists are using lasers in their practice. Why not join them and try lasers for yourself?

Who is the course for?

Is there a laser in your practice but you don’t know how to use it?

This course is perfect for the hygienist or therapist in an existing laser practice to optimise use of the laser.

Don’t own a laser but want to learn more?

Learn about lasers in the field of periodontology, its research and usage in these areas, and gain a full clinical understanding of how to use lasers effectively and safely.

Course breakdown:

Module one

-Will cover what a laser is, the different types and how they can be used in

-Picking your patients.

-Treatment protocols.

-Case studies and clinical research on the topic.

Module two

-Laser safety.

-How to use lasers.

-Practical experience.

-Case study preparation.

If required, book in a visit from our laser expert Chris Minall, to assist you in the use of the laser during appointments with your chosen patient/s.

Module three

-Presentation of case studies to peers.

-Chance for reflective learning via assessment of results and troubleshooting.

-Further uses of laser in dentistry.

-The participant who presents the best case will have the opportunity to publish their work.

Go from beginner to competent laser user in this exciting 3 module course.


February 9th 2018

March 2nd 2018

June 8th 2018

Cost £390 plus vat

Venue: Henry Schein, Stanhope Place, London


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