Acteon Periodontal Therapy Workflow Roadshow

Course Overview

Following the introduction of the new S3 guidelines by the BSP, there are many factors to consider, not all of them necessarily relevant or different to what you already know and do. Ian will cover the science-based evidence and talk you through the elements that you are encouraged to implement as a clinician and a practice.

Jo will break down each step of the periodontal therapy workflow and discuss how to engage and motivate patients, communicate confidently the systemic risk factors especially tobacco smoking and help you to convince the dental team that it is time to implement the protocols, that are led by science and the experts, as well as show you the tools, that are useful to complement the workflow and support you better.


Ian Dunn

Joanne Dickinson

Learning Objectives

– Understand the science-based evidence behind the S3 guidelines.

– How to communicate systemic risk factors to patients.

– How to motivate patients to carry out and be successful with their home care plan.

– Understand the tools that are available to support patient communication, PMPR and subgingival instrumentation

The Schedule

9am Registration

9:30am S3 guidelines and the evidence behind them

11am Break

11:30 Systemic risk factors

12:45 Lunch

13:15 Patient communication and motivation

14:30 Hands on workshop

16:00 Q&A and close

CPD Hours & Development Outcomes

6 hours, outcomes A, C, D

Course Fee

£55 + VAT

Dates, Location, Booking details

23rd July Mecure Hotel, Wetherby, LS22 5HE

To book: Email