Create Beautiful & Durable Composite Restorations in the Aesthetic Zone with UVENEER System – FREE VIRTUAL COURSE

Join Dr. Sigal Jacobson For This Free Virtual Course

In these challenging times, affordable dentistry is in demand more than ever. Please join us at this exciting online lecture in the convenience of your office.

This lecture delivered by the inventor of Uveneer, will transform the way that you create direct composite veneers and will boost your income. You will learn a new technique to create freehand veneers like the world leading cosmetic dentists in a fraction of the time you do it today, and allow your patients to smile with confidence.

Learning objectives
• Porcelain versus composite restoration: indications and contradictions.
• Workflow, to maximize durability, materials, steps to match the right composite shade to blend with the tooth. Understanding Hue, chroma value, recommendation of composites
• Understanding preparation guidelines for direct veneers, fractures, class IV
• Correct bonding steps
• Uveneer, Uveneer extra, Paladex system (Palatal index system). Tips and tricks from the inventor
• How to create direct mock-ups
• Smile design rules
• Create composite bridge using fiber reinforced splint. Preparation, key points, steps
• Review of clinical cases in life videos
• Discover techniques for avoiding failures. Future discoloration and fractures

This course is available to watch on demand. Once you register you will receive an email when the course becomes available.

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