Soft Tissue Laser Day – Ilkley

Soft Tissue Laser Day

Course Overview

This introductory course covers the scientific background of diode lasers in dentistry. The benefits of the use of lasers in your general dental /specialist practice for both the practitioner and the patient will be covered. Laser safety and a hands-on session will give you a clear understanding on the application of lasers to enable you to introduce this modality into your practice and use it on a regular basis.

For those that have a laser already the course will help you maximize the applications and take you to the next level of the standard of care for your patients.

Speaker Biography

Course Leader: Dr Arun Darbar

Dr Arun Darbar is a multi-award-winning Laser and Aesthetic Dentist; and the founder of Smile Creations Dental Innovations® where he has been practicing for over 35 years. He has been using lasers in his dental practice for over 30 years and provides cutting edge dentistry for his patients. Proud to be at the forefront of Laser Dentistry in the UK, Dr Darbar lectures on the subject around the world. He is honoured to be a founder member of the World Clinical Laser Institute and continues to find newer applications for lasers. He also runs courses and trains dentists both in the UK and internationally.

Subjects Covered

– Photobiomodulation

– Soft tissue surgical procedures e.g. gingival recontouring, crown lengthening, tissue retraction for impressions or subgingival restorations and caries, fibroma removal, gingivectomy, sulcular debridement.

– Orthodontics, exposures, frenectomy, and soft tissue trauma

– Pain management, TMD etc.

– Photo Dynamic Therapy

Learning Objectives

– Understand laser tissue interaction

– Using your surgical laser for Phobiomodulation and to manage pain

– Provide well planned surgical treatment choices for the patient

– Use the modality to improve outcome and reduce post-operative complications

– Integrate and use the laser safely and efficiently in your practice

CPD Hours

7 hours verifiable CPD

This fulfils the requirements of the GDC for learning objectives A & C

Course Fee

Course Fee: £390.00+ VAT

Dates, Location & Booking Details

Date: 29th June 2019

Location: Ilkley

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