Hands on Diode Laser Day

World leading laser clinician and scientist Mark Cronshaw has joined forces with Optident to bring you a day of hands on learning with diode lasers. Develop your understanding of the diode laser and take your clinical ability to the next level.

Dr Mark Cronshaw is a highly experienced International laser instructor with his own busy private practice in the UK. As an academic contract professor, he is involved in teaching the master of science programme at the University of Genoa as well as being involved in lecturing and instructing on clinical laser use Worldwide. Dr Cronshaw has written many articles on the clinical applications of lasers in dentistry and he is actively involved in continued research. His clinical interests are in aesthetic dentistry, holistic dental care, minimally invasive dentistry as well as the application of laser therapy as an adjunct to tissue regeneration in periodontics and surgery.

Subjects Covered:

– Low level laser therapy

– Soft tissue surgery

– Periodontal management

– Endodontics

– Desensitisation, prevention of caries & management protocols

– Optimum settings for initiation, how to check and calibrate your laser

Learning Objectives:

– To update clinical knowledge in the current evidence base of Diode laser applications

– To learn the requisite hands on skills for oral laser use

– To fulfil the requirement for essential safe use of lasers in clinical practice

– To practice hands on clinical skills for many varied daily clinical applications


This fulfils the requirements of the GDC for learning objectives A & C

Bring your own diode laser to experience the ultimate hands on diode laser course (Optional)

Practice and perfect demonstrated techniques.  Supported with a fully documented practice manual with videos, this course offers the most useful and practical applied knowledge.

Cost: £390.00+VAT

Dates, Location & Booking

2nd February 2019 – London – FULLY BOOKED!

9th March 2019 –  Cardiff – Click here to book online

23rd March 2019  – Jersey – Click here to book online

1st June 2019 – Glasgow – Click here to book online

Alternate Booking – Email: courses@optident.co.uk