Course Objectives

This webinar focuses entirely on Airflow. It’s Origin, how key design and technology features translate into surgery, it’s role in contemporary practice, the extent to which it can be utilised and how perfecting technique can be a game changer for everyone. At the end of this webinar, listeners will know the truths and myths surrounding the use of Airflow and will have a clear understanding of how to utilise it’s full scope of practice when treating patients in the dental clinic.

At the end of this webinar, listeners will

– know the truths and myths surrounding the use of Airflow

– understand Airflow’s design features and why the technology is aligned with comfort and minimal intervention

– will have a clear understanding of Airflow’s full scope of practice and how to utilise it to suit different dental patients.

– will have a better understanding of technique and the role that correct angulation and positioning play in achieving the best results.

Date, Time & Booking

Wednesday 14th October, 2020, 07:00 PM

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Course Leader

This course will be led by Faye Donald

Faye was born in Yorkshire and has over 20 years of experience in the private dental industry. Graduating in 2001, she has a wealth of experience working in both general as well as perio and implant specialist practices. In 2006, she completed a certificate in counselling skills and behavioral Therapy and now runs a popular mentoring program, which gives hygienists access to free coaching and additional support with an aim to improving their confidence and personal growth and development.

Undergoing training in Switzerland, Faye is a certified Swiss Dental Academy Trainer and speaks nationally and internationally on the role of the AIRFLOW technology in periodontal and implant maintenance. She is a huge advocate of the GBT model and the role it plays in contemporary practice.

Faye was awarded the titles of Best Hygienist (DH&T awards) and Dental Hygienist of The Year (Dential awards) in 2014. In 2017, she was again crowned Best hygienist (UK) at The Oral Health awards (FMC).