Maximizing Bond Strengths – FREE VIRTUAL COURSE

Learn which adhesives and what techniques give the highest bonding to dentin and enamel.


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Dr. Shea Bess graduated from the University of Utah in 1998 with a BS in Medical Biology and received his DDS from Loma Linda University in 2002. He started his own practice in South Jordan, Utah six months after graduation and has since maintained a full-time schedule seeing patients. Dr. Bess has worked part time with the R&D department at Ultradent since 2003 and has had the opportunity to look at hundreds of ideas and products and play a role in the development of some of them. He has served those with limited access to dental care by providing dentistry part time in Fiji, Guatemala, his local community, and the Navajo Nation for several years.


Dr. Bess lectures all over the United States on cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

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