Selfie Ready? A New Generation for Cosmetic Dentistry: Elective Procedures Post-COVID-19 – FREE Virtual Course


Immediately post COVID-19, we will undoubtedly see a drop in people seeking elective cosmetic treatment except for our younger patients. Appearance and self-esteem have long been intertwined. So, as our social media and selfie culture continues to grow, it’s no surprise that more and more young people and adolescents are seeking out cosmetic dentistry, in record numbers, as a way to enhance their appearance. While parents may postpone their elective procedures, they will seek treatment for their children. We need to respond with conservative ways to satisfy our younger patients’ desire for ideal smiles. This course will look at cosmetic dental issues that are of particular concern to our teenage and young adult patients: tooth color and staining issues, post orthodontic refinement of smiles, spacing and crowding, misshapen teeth, and soft tissue considerations. Conservative options and step-by-step treatment will be discussed for direct composite bonding, direct composite veneers, and minimal prep indirect veneers. Boost their confidence and boost your bottom line.


Dr. Susan McMahon has enjoyed a successful career for over 25 years in the dental industry. She is an accomplished cosmetic dentist, national Key Opinion Leader, educator, and author. She is an entrepreneur with 25 successful years in small business. She created and managed and marketed the “Esthetic Dentistry Pittsburgh” brand, growing the largest cosmetic dental practice in Western Pennsylvania. Developing systems and teams for consistency, providing excellent products, and offering unparalleled customer service are the hallmarks of the brands she has created. Dr. McMahon has restaurant experience and understands the process of managing a successful small business. As the managing partner , she oversees and coordinates the planning, organizing, training, and leadership necessary to achieve stated objectives in sales, costs, employee retention, guest service and satisfaction, and cleanliness.



•   Conservative treatment options for teenagers and young adult patients who desire enhancement to their smiles

•   How utilizing global smile design principles can enhance treatment options and offer better outcomes

•   How to dialogue with these patients and their parents

•   Step-by-step directions for completing conservative cosmetic treatments: direct bonding, direct composite veneers, minimal prep indirect veneers

Published June 26, 2020. Credit valid for three (3) years from Published date.

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