Top Tips For Anterior Composite Restorations

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Topic: Top Tips For Anterior Composite Restorations

Anterior composites are still one of the most challenging treatments a Doctor will face in surgery. In the medical field, when we want to grow tissue, we use a printed scaffolding or graft and allow months for the tissue to mature and grow. In the case of a fractured central incisor, Dentists are given 45 to 90 minutes to completely rebuild nature, make it look stunning and expect it to last for 15 years! This lecture will focus on taking the hardest aspects of each stage of the process and providing clear protocols and tips to overcome the challenges. This will be broken down into the key areas which can make or break a long lasting stunning anterior composite restoration.

In this lecture, delegates will learn:

-Isolation and biofilm removal: understanding the importance of our foundations in long term success.

-The 3 minute mock up: test your shade and create your ideal shape and copy this with an index.

-Simplified layering to recreate the correct opacity and translucency: Do we really need to use more than two shades?

-Polishing and finishing with efficiency: No need to spend 30 minutes shaping!

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