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1 x Pair AdvantEdge-L Forceps

Take Control

The precision-engineered and redesigned AdvantEdge-L forceps, give you the secure control you need to easily place, manipulate, and remove sectional matrix bands during Class II restorations.

Featuring a finger-controlled locking mechanism, the Advant Edge-L makes picking up, placing, and release of the matrix band simple and efficient.

Simply place the matrix band in the jaws of the forcep and slide the locking mechanism into place for controlled placement of the band.

The Advant Edge-L forceps also feature a convex handle design – preventing distortion and frequent reconditioning /reshaping.

The forcep jaws have been widened to provide more of a gripping surface on the matrix band, improving ease of placement and adding to the gripping force needed for removal of the band in tight contact situations.

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– Finger-controlled locking mechanism
– Convex handle design prevents distortion and frequent reconditioning/reshaping
– Wide jaw provides more of a gripping
– Serrated carbide upper jaw and diamond dusted lower jaw, when fully closed, deliver an incredible gripping power of up to 40 p.s.i.

Hints & Tips

  • To Place During placement

    Just use the jaw tips to grab the matrix band in the center. This will give you the precision when placing the matrix band from the occlusal aspect.

  • To Remove

    The UNI-BAND AdvantEdge-L features a serrated carbide upper jaw and a diamond dusted lower jaw that, when fully closed, delivers an incredible gripping power of up to 40 p.s.i. Position your fingers at the front of the “spring” steel handle to fully close the jaws. Using the full length of the jaw, place the forceps at the buccal or lingual aspect to engage the band, and rotate a 1/4 turn, pulling forward and slightly upward.

    Note: it is critical you turn the forceps a 1/4 turn once you have gripped the matrix band.


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