Air-Flow Master Piezon

Air-Flow Master Piezon

The original Air-Flow and Piezon methods combine to deliver complete prophylaxis and utmost patient comfort

The Original AIR-FLOW® and Piezon® Methods now combine to deliver complete and effective prophylaxis treatment as well as utmost patient comfort. The AIR-FLOW Master Piezon features NO PAIN scaling, supragingival AIR-FLOW® and subgingival air-polishing in shallow, as well as in deep periodontal pockets.

The Original AIR-FLOW® Method delivers air polishing that is effective for practitioner and patient alike: reliable, fast and productive for the practice, stress-free, silent and comfortable for the patient.

Linear oscillating action aligned with the tooth surface: this is what the Original Piezon® method is all about when it comes to extra-smooth tooth surfaces. Combined with intelligent NO PAIN technology, the method offers maximum protection for the gums and utmost comfort for the patient.

Designed to deliver complete prophylaxis, the AIR-FLOW Master Piezon® enables the practitioner to readily switch between standard and PERIO working modes.

1 x Base Unit
1 x Piezon handpiece with light
1 x Air-Flow handpiece
1 x Perio-Flow handpiece
2 x Handpiece cords
2 x Magnetic Handpiece Holders
1 x Water Bottle 350ml
1 x Air-Flow Powder Chamber
1 x Air-Flow Perio Powder Chamber
1 x Box of 40 Perio-Flow slim nozzles
1 x “4-steps” foot pedal
1 x Air-Flow Classic powder bottle

Touch Panel for fast and precise setting
Easy to Clean – hygienic
Working modes “Standard” and “Perio”
Foot Control for both methods including a power boost
Magnetic handpiece holders
Easy control of flow amount
Power – LED setting in 17 increments which are easy to set as clinically required

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