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2 x Perio-Flow handpieces
1 x Steribox
40 x Perio-Flow single-use nozzles
1 x chamber for Perio-Flow

The AirFlow Master Perio has been specifically created for sub & supragingival prophylaxis, removing biofilm from natural teeth and implant surfaces. It combines the two technologies in one – Air-Flow using the well-known Original Air-Polishing Technology and the Perio-Flow Technology that allows safe subgingival treatment.

It’s ideal for orthodontic patients, hypersensitive patients and recall appointments, with the ability to treat hard-to-reach areas with clinical precision, reliability and comfort.

The AirFlow Master Perio has two working modes and two powder chambers to suit your every need. Using the interactive touch panel and sleek interface you can easily control the amount of powder and water irrigation, with over 17 power levels to choose from and 12 irrigation settings.

The water system also has a built-in heater that maintains the water temperature constantly at 37°C for a pleasant and gentle treatment.
When operated in the airflow mode, the unit delivers a gentle biokinetic energy that removes biofilm and stains whilst preserving the tooth’s natural structure.

In “Perio” mode, the AirFlow Master delivers a safe and effective periodontal biofilm removal thanks to the revolutionary PerioFlow nozzle. It’s safe on soft tissues, periodontal pockets, implants, restorations, cementum and palatal areas.

To be used with the erythritol PLUS powder or the glycine PERIO powder.

EMS devices have been designed and tested for exclusive use with EMS prophylaxis powders.

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– Two Powder Chambers – Large capacity for many applications, See-through and illuminated, Easy to remove, clean and refill
– Powder Chamber for AirFlow powder classic and AirFlow powder Soft
– Uniform powder flow, no clogging, 100 g capacity for AirFlow Powder Classic, 65 g capacity for AirFlow Powder Soft
– AirFlow Handpiece – Supragingival application, also in subgingival border area, Free-flow technology, Sterilisable at 134° C
– Touch Panel easy to clean surface, Blue LED’s for clear display of current setting
– Liquid – Easy control of flow amount
– Easy switching between treatment modes
– Easy power setting
– Special geometric chanber design for uniform powder flow – 45 g capacity for AirFlow Perio Powder
– Perio Flow Nozzle – nozzle outlets for air-powder mixture, horizontal,1 nozzle outlet for water, vertical -Single-use nozzle,Easy to install
– PerioFlow Handpiece – Subgingival application, down to deep periodontal pockets,Free-flow technology, Sterilisable at 134° C
– Handpiece Holder – Strong magnet, mobile and sterilisable, for flexible use in the practice
– Purge Button on side. Perfect cleaning of all hoses which optimises free-flow technology
– 4 function foot Pedal switch incl. power boost

Hints & Tips

  • Recommended Position and Movement

    Use a high speed suction cannula. Do not use the handpiece perpendicular to the tooth surface. Keep 3-5 mm distance. Direct the jet projections towards the cannula. Make continuos movement.

  • No More Colour = No More Biofilm

    Stop Airflow once the colour of the disclosing agent has disappeared. Minimise exposure time on dentine.

  • Is Bleeding Normal?

    Yes, in cases of gingivitis, bleeding will occur during Airflow treatment.


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