AirFlow Master Perio

AirFlow Master Perio

This unit combines the two technologies in one : Air-Flow using the well known Original Air-Polishing Technology and the Perio-Flow Technology that allows safe subgingival treatment.


2 x Perio-Flow handpieces
1 x Steribox
40 x Perio-Flow single-use nozzles
1 x chamber for Perio-Flow

Perio-Flow handpiece and Perio-Flow nozzle with powder chamber for Air-Flow Perio Powder.
Plaque removal for placement of sealants
Surface preparation prior to bonding/cementation of inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers
Surface preparation prior to placing composite restorations
Cleaning prior to bonding orthodontic brackets
Effective plaque and stain removal for orthodontic patients
Clean implant fixture prior to loading
Stain removal for shade determination
Plaque removal prior to fluoride treatment
Plaque and stain removal prior to whitening procedure

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