AirFlow Powder Plus 120g 4pk

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4 x AirFlow Powder Plus 120g

The PLUS Powder is suitable for Subgingival and Supragingival procedures. It enables practitioners to perform prophylactic treatments that are efficient, safe and has the remarkable ability to safely reach the sulcus area and interdental spaces as well as pits and fissures.

The special action of the powder is attributable to the new ingredient Erythritol and the extra-fine grains that measure only 14 microns.

The small size results on one hand in a minimal impact per grain on the treated surface and on the other hand in a very dense jet of powder, efficient on both biofilm and colorations.

The Airflow PLUS Powder can also be used for sulcus cleaning, using a 3mm minimum distance, this safely opens up the sulcus preserving the junctional epithelial attachment.

Airflow PLUS Powder is the minimally invasive way of removing biofilm on dentine and is the one and only solution for orthodontic appliance maintenance. There is no need to remove the wires and it does not affect the integrity of the appliance surface.

EMS powders are much less abrasive than traditional mechanical debribement techniques such as rubber cups and handscaling.

EMS devices have been designed and tested for exclusive use with EMS prophylaxis powder


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