Appliquator Micro Applicator Intro Kit

Appliquator Micro Applicator Intro Kit

The Appliquator is a completely new approach to the application of dental liquids and gels. Since it’s not a brush and not made from fibres and glue, nothing contaminates the restoration or bonding materials. The Appliquator picks up, holds, and releases the
same exact dose every time, giving you precise control. With the Appliquator, you finally have a modern, absolutely accurate tool that lets you work with precision and
without contamination.


Pack of 400

100 x Blue
100 x Green
100 x Yellow
100 x Pink

– Precise application of liquids
– Bendable
– No loss of liquids
– 100% fibre- free
– Manufactured as “1 piece”
– Co-molded
– 2 Sizes (fine/regular)
– SOFT variant for extra flexible heads
– Designed shape
– Defined bending point
– Non-shedding, will not contaminate the restoration site
– An exact amount of material dispensed, every time
– The first re-engineered applicator

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