Affinity Crystal Cartridge 50ml 6pk

Affinity Crystal Cartridge 50ml 6pk

Affinity Crystal is a water-clear, silicone matrix material designed for easy fabrication of provisional veneers. Affinity Crystal flows effortlessly into the embrasure areas, capturing extreme detail to create an accurate, clear matrix through which you can light-cure provisional material. It has a 45 second working time and is not recommended as a bite registration material.

Because Affinity Crystal is see-through, you can place the matrix filled with the provisional material intraorally, and look for voids before you cure.


6 x 50ml cartridges and mixing tips

– Avaliable working time 45 seconds
– Minimum Intraoral setting time 1 minute 30 seconds
– Recommended tips – 6.5 Mixin tip ‘T-Mixer’ or 7.5 Mixing Tip
– Recommended tray – Clear impression tray

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