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1 x Compo-Pen

The Compo-pen is a compact and handy applicator for low and medium viscosity composites.

The applicator ensures an easy application of composite materials in prefilled unit dose tips.

The clip-in-lock permits quick and easy loading/unloading and secures the tip safely.

Compo-pen is an applicator for direct placement of dental composite materials in manufacturer pre-filled unit dose syringes.
– Compact and handy design.
– The tip can be rotated in all directions – and is safely fixed.
– Takes universal pre-filled unit-dose tips.
– Made from high grade, acid resistant stainless steel.
– Can be sterilised by any method.
– 5-year guarantee on material and construction.

Compact and handy
Easy to load and unload
The unit dose tip can be rotated in the required direction, even when safely locked
Can be sterilised by any method
Made from high-grade, acid resistant stainless steel
5 year guarantee


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