DualForce Matrix Band 5.5mm

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100 x DualForce Matrix Band 5.5mm

The DualForce Matrix Band 5.5mm are designed to wrap the tooth snugly, making them very versatile.

DualForce Matrix Bands are thin, yet stiff enough to prevent crimping during placement. An interproximal contour and a curved occlusal lip ensure a natural contact is created everytime.

The unique DualForce Punch Pliers securely grip the matrix tab for ease of placement. Once the restoration is complete, the punch pliers can be applied anywhere you desire to punch a hole in the band for easy removal.

– Curved marginal ridge of matrix bands reduces finishing time
– Proximal contour of band ensures optimal contact position and shape
– Matrix tab allows easy placement and removal
– Available in three sizes (4.5mm, 5.5mm and 6.5mm)


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