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1 x Pre-Molar Ring (Orange)
1 x Molar Ring (Green)
25 x 4.5mm Ultra-Wrap Matrix Bands
25 x 5.5mm Ultra-Wrap Matrix Bands
25 x 6.5mm Ultra-Wrap Matrix Bands
20 x Active Wedge #1 (Purple)
20 x Active Wedge #2 (White)
20 x Active Wedge #3 (Blue)
20 x Active Wedge #4 (Green)
20 x Active Wedge #5 (Black)

Engineered for more than just tight contacts, DualForce Starter Kit is a matrix system designed for use with all Class II composite restorations.

The DualForce System consists of clinically and technologically advanced Rings, Active-Wedges, and Ultra-Wrap Matrix Bands.

The DualForce Rings are engineered using unique, dual NiTi (Nickel Titanium) wires that provide strong, balanced separation force on both mesial and distal surfaces.

The DualForce Active Wedges actively engage the matrix band and adjacent tooth.

Active Wedges are designed to easily glide into position with a collapsing tip that re-opens once fully placed.

The Active Wedge ideal contour and strong internal spine, places significant force on the matrix band to seal margins, eliminate overhangs and reduce composite flash resulting inj less finishing time.

The DualForce Ultra Wrap Matrix Bands are designed to wrap the tooth snugly, making them very versatile.

DualForce Ultra-Wrap Matrix Bands are thin, yet stiff enough to prevent crimping during placement. An interproximal contour and a curved occlusal lip ensure a natural contact is created everytime.

– DualForce Rings are easier to open and provide 37% more separation force
– DualForce Ultra-Wrap Matrix Bands hug tooth better, reducing flash
– DualForce Active Wedges reduce finishing time by minimising flash
– Unrivalled Ring stability after placement
– Active Wedges provide 2lbs of separation force
– Composite/adhesive won’t stick to DualForce Rings
– Active Wedges are contoured to help seal matrix at proximal box


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