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1 x 8g syringe

DuoLink Translucent is a dual-cured luting cement with ultra fine particles especially formulated for cementation of all cermaic/porcelain or composite crowns, inlays and onlays as well as light-transmitting fibre posts.

DuoLink is a 70% filled composite with glass fillers of an average particle size of 1µm resulting in unsurpassed physical properties.

DuoLink is available in two shades: clear and translucent universal. Both shades are offered in a new convenient auto-mix dual-syringe delivery system.

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– Extremely high degree of conversion in both light-cured and self-cured modes ensuring maximum performance for any clinical situation
– High glass filler content increases strength making Duo-Link resistant to wear
– Low film thickness ensures the restoration is completely seated
– Auto-mix dual-syringe guarantees a perfect mix, easy placement and limited waste
– Extremely high degree of conversion and stability ensures a long lasting restoration placement
– A universal cement with a proven clinical track record

Hints & Tips

  • What is DUO-LINK and what are the indications?

    Duo-Link is a dual-cured luting cement intended to be used with an adhesive system.

    Duo-Link is ideal for cementing all-ceramic/porcelain, metal, and composite restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges), as well as fiber and metal posts.

  • What advantages does DUO-LINK provide over other resin cements?

    Extremely high degree of conversion in both light-cured and self-cured modes ensures maximum performance for any clinical situation.
    Ultrafine filler particles make Duo-Link extremely resistant to wear and staining.
    High filler content of Duo-Link increases strength.
    Low film thickness ensures the restoration can be completely seated.
    Auto-mix dual-syringe guarantees a perfect mix, and easy placement.

  • What is the shelf life of DUO-LINK?

    2 years

  • Do I need to refrigerate DUO-LINK?

    No. Duo-Link may be stored at room temperature (20°C/68°F-25°C/77°F).

  • What is the working time of DUO-LINK?

    Minimum 2 min. (includes mixing)

  • Can I use DUO-LINK to cement veneers?

    Yes, however, BISCO recommends the use of a light-cured resin cement such as Choice™ 2 for veneer cementation. When placing thin veneers, it is preferable to use only light-activated resin cements. Light-only polymerized cements allow for longer working time, do not need to be mixed, have shorter finishing time, increased colour stability, and longer shelf life.

  • What adhesive can I use with DUO-LINK?

    Duo-Link s intended for use with an adhesive. Some manufacturer's adhesives are too acidic to properly bond to self -& dual-cured resins. ALL BISCO manufactured adhesives are compatible with self- & dual-cured cements. If you are using an adhesive from a different manufacturer, please refer to their instructions for compatibility.

  • What is the best way to clean up DUO-LINK?

    To aid in the removal of excess cement, initially light cure the margins for 2-3 seconds by waving the light over the restoration or remove excess cement prior to curing.

  • Do I need to pre-treat the surfaces of my indirect restorations?

    Yes. Silane should be used to prime the surface of glass ceramics. Z-Prime™ Prime should be used to prime the surface of metals, composites, and Zirconia.

  • Is DUO-LINK compatible with pre-fabricated core build-up materials?

    Yes. The surface of the core build-up material should be roughened. Use alcohol to clean and dry, apply an adhesive according to manufacturer instructions.

  • What is the possibility that I might see marginal discolouration?

    In addition to proper marginal fit, the following should be taken into consideration:

    We recommend that you do not use iron-containing hemostatic liquids with translucent all-ceramic crowns. A grayish tint may develop underneath the translucent restoration a few weeks after cementation. Do not use ferrous liquids at the impression appointment or seating appointment.
    Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent that decomposes chemical initiating systems. Hydrogen peroxide is not easily removed from the tooth surface by a water spray. Typically, Amine and Peroxide are the two basic chemicals that make up a base and catalyst reaction in dental cements. The use of Hydrogen Peroxide should generally be avoided with all resin cements.
    Contamination from saliva and crevicular fluids can be a major cause of discoloration. Use of a rubber dam, when possible, should be considered.


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