Enamel plus HRI trial kit

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1 x UD1
1 x UD2
1 x UD3
1 x UD4
1 x UE2
1 x EF3

All the syringes are 2.5g
ENAMEL PLUS HRi Universal Enamel is the first and only composite material to possess the same refractive index as natural enamel.

The problem: the refraction of light through the enamel

The solution: the same refractive index as natural enamel

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– Simplified technique – HRi is applied at the same thickness as the natural enamel.
– HRi matches the opalescent properties of natural enamel blues, ambers and iridescent shades.
– Invisible margins no special margin preparation techniques, no glass effect lowering the value of the restoration
– Completely cylindrical – extrusion of composite without stress
– No material waste
– Long cap – no contact with composite
– Ergonomic design – comfortable to use


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