Enamel plus HRI trial kit

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1 x UD1
1 x UD2
1 x UD3
1 x UD4
1 x UE2
1 x EF3

All the syringes are 2.5g
The problem: the refraction of light through the enamel

The solution: the same refractive index as natural enamel

Enamel plus HRi Universal Enamel is the first and only composite material to possess the same refractive index as natural enamel.

Simplified technique – HRi is applied at the same thickness as the natural enamel.

HRi matches the opalescent properties of natural enamel blues, ambers and iridescent shades.

Invisible margins no special margin preparation techniques, no glass effect lowering the value of the restoration

Completely cylindrical – extrusion of composite without stress
New design – no material waste
Long cap – no contact with composite
Ergonomic design – comfortable to use


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