EndoSequence BC Pellets

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The benefit of using BC Sealer and BC Points is that three-dimensional obturation can be achieved at room temperature. However, if a warm vertical technique is preferred then BC Pellets should be used at 150°C.


100 x EndoSequence BC Pellets
Unlike traditional points, EndoSequence® BC Points™ are subjected to a patented process of impregnating and coating each cone with bioceramic nanoparticles.

The bioceramic particles found in BC Sealer™ bond with the bioceramic particles in BC Points™ to form a true gap-free seal.

A recent study showed that BC Sealer™, when used in conjunction with the impregnated and coated cones, actually increased the fracture resistance to a level comparable to that of teeth that have not undergone root-canal therapy.


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