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1 x Diode Laser
2 x Surgical handpieces
3 x pairs of protective eyewear
30 x Screen protectors
30 x Assorted tips ( Surgical 400 Micron & Perio 300 Micron)

The Epic X is a Diode Laser for soft tissue treatments, bacterial reduction and low level-laser therapy.

The Epic X will enhance your practice and your patient’s experience. It offers a highly adaptable platform which can be used for an extended range of clinical procedures. It cuts efficiently at lower power levels with less heat.

The Epic X system features software technology and a cordless foot pedal, among other notable innovations. With quick surgical capabilities, numerous hygiene procedures, plus modes for Pain Therapy and Whitening, Epic X is a highly versatile, productive instrument that enables you to delight your patients faster.

Epic X is cleared for temporary relief of minor pain, including pain associated with TMJ or other thermomandibular disorders. And with patented handpiece attachments to simplify the procedure, it’s a snap to provide pain relief faster.

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Dimension – (14.5 cm x 11.2 cm x 16.5 cm)
Operating Voltage – 100V – 240V at 1.5A
Frequency – 50/60 Hz
Main Control – Power Switch
Remote Interruption – Remote Interlock
Disable Control – Emergency Stop Button
DC Power Supply Module – 12V DC, 5A
Laser Classification – Class IV (4)
Medium – InGaAsP Semi-conductor diode
Wavelength – 940nm ± 10nm
Power Modes -Continuous, Pulse Modulation
Peak Power -10W
Fiber Tip Diameter -200µm, 300 µm, 400µm
Pulse Duration -0.01ms – 20ms
Pulse Interval -0.01ms – 20ms
Pulse Repetition Rate -Up to 20kHz (for reference)
NOHD -4.77 meters
Beam Divergence -8-22 degrees per side angle
Standard Fiber Cable Length -5 feet (1.524 meters)

– 5 different pulse forms including ComfortPulseTM mode which reduces patient discomfort and the need for anaesthetic
– 10 watts of peak power
– Features “standby” and “ready mode” functions that guard against unintentional delivery of laser energy
– Touchscreen interface with 16 pre-set procedures and 4 custom pre-sets to personalise your unit
– Convenient single-use tips for all procedures including perio treatments
– Deep tissue handpiece for minor pain and TMJ related conditions
– Bluetooth foot pedal operation
– Sleek power console to unit of up to 10 watts of peak power
– Fully portable – no foot pedal cords or power cords from unit to console
– Recharge or use plugged in for your convenience
– Multi-use handpieces available


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