Smile Design Wheel Contraster

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1 x Smile Design Wheel Contraster

All 5 guides on the Smile Design Wheel Contraster follow the golden rule of proportionality, allowing for customised measuring and demonstration of proportionality issues.

There is no need to buy a separate contraster as a solid matte black section is included on the Smile Design.

The contraster enables you to take clear photos with a high contrast between the teeth and the background for easy visibility of issues. The measurements on the Smile Design help you to ensure the symmetry when restoring centrals and laterals.

As the Bioclear Matrix does most of the work these are the only instruments needed for most composite restorations using the Bioclear Matrix System.

“Less is more when it comes to using instruments.” – Dr David Clark

Learn more about treating black triangles, Class II restorations and peg laterals in our free e-book Closing the Gap in Direct Dentistry.

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