Groovy Diamond Polishing Brush wheels

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Groovy Diamond Polishing brushes create an ultra-high shine by polishing the surface grooves and detailed anatomy that you spend valuable chair time creating. The Groovy Diamond Polishing Brush technique is fast and efficient and won’t leave behind that flat surface that often occurs with disc finishing systems.

Only Groovy brushes are crafted from diamond impregnated Kevlar bristles with thousands of diamond polishing particles to give you the highest gloss finish possible, often in well under 30 seconds. They provide a super gloss shine on hybrids, porcelain and bisacryl temporaries.

Groovy diamond polishing brushes work faster than silicone rubber brushes and provide a higher shine. They will not lose their bristles like other polishing brushes and there is no need for multiple steps or messy polishinh pastes.

Groovy Wheel: use for polishing the central fossa and occlusal surface of posterior restorations, interproximal embrasures of direct veneers and Class IV restorations.


6 x Groovy Diamond Polishing Brush Wheels


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