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1 x Haller Clamp 2AO Gold

The Haller Clamp 2AO Gold is a multifunctional clamp for ergonomic and effective dental care by Dr Horst Landenberger. They offer versatility for differing clinical situations.

The specially designed clamps from Kentzler retract the tongue and cheek whilst eliminating moisture contamination. Featuring a housing that sits around the molar and one or two low seated arms positioned either side of the mandible or maxilla, rubber dam or cotton rolls are kept snugly in place. The upright ‘fingers’ on the 2A, 2AUR and 2AUL act as a clip, securing the saliva ejector tube and freeing up hands.

Pair with the Sympatc dam, you have a perfect combination for photographing your restorative work. They are ideal for Restorative work, Endodontic work and Cerec preparation.

The are made from Zirconium Nitrite covered Stainless steel and are fully autoclavable. The suction tube can be attached to the clamp, freeing up hands and making a more comfortable experiance for you patients.

Use x-ray film in the Haller Clamp to prevent gingival trauma and haemorrhage in a challenging second molar.

– Control of tongue and cheek
– Improvements for the optical impression (Cerec)
– Desiccation of operation field for all tasks in adhesive dentistry
– Fixation of cottons
– Retraction of gingiva
– Drying of operation field

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