HEATWAVE Refill Lower 51 10pk

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A more accurate fit for a more accurate impression.

Your very best impression begins with proper tray selection. Choosing an impression tray that has ideal anatomical shape is critical for creating consistantly accurate impressions. Trays that do not fit the patient’s dentition properly compromise hydraulic pressure and can result in missing margins.

The HEATWAVE tray may be the most anatomically correct impression tray available. Similar to a custom tray, HEATWAVE trays limit the impression space, use up to 40% less impression material and provide outstanding hydraulics to drive the light body into the sulcus for superior accuracy. Its closed distal flange helps prevent impression material flow and possible gagging. The measuring caliper takes seconds and helps to select the ideal tray for each patient. The HEATWAVE tray is ideal for all your full arch impression cases.

HEATWAVE Customisable Impression Trays provide the clinician with the ability to easily self-customise the thermoplastic trays after immersing them in water for 60 seconds at 70oC/158oF. The tray can then be shaped by hand and moulded to a patients particular arch size and contour. After adaption, the tray will assume its normal rigidity at room temperature or by running under cold water, allowing for a precise impression. Having trays that are customisable resduces inventory costs. These are disposable so there is no clean up or sterilisation required.

The ability to adapt the tray chair-side provides a significant advantage whether making minor adjustments or need extensive contouring for difficult cases like malpositioned teeth or tori.

You only need 4 full-arch tray sizes (upper and lower) to fit all cases. The mouldable trays also eliminates discomfort to the patient caused when stock trays get caught on bony anatomical variances.


HEATWAVE Refill Lower size 51


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