HYBENX Oral Tissue Decontaminant

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2 x 1ml Syringes

HYBENX’s formula of sulfonated phenols is specifically blended to maximise its effectiveness without causing harm to healthy mucosa. This unique formulation provides controllable and instantaneous super-dehydration, loosening, and coagulation of any debris as it devitalises infectious tissues.

By focusing on eliminating the plaque biofilm and the matrix substructure in its entirety at a specific site, HYBENX gives the dental clinician confidence that they have provided the patient with the most advanced and effective periodontal decontamination.
HYBENX is a proven chemical desiccant that safely removes microbes and tissue debris from the treatment areas without impacting other areas of the human microbiome.

Desiccation Shock Debribement Technology (DSD) is a breakthrough treatment for infected tissue surfaces based on a unique new class of products that completely eradicate biofilm from infected tissue surfaces. DSD provides an intense cleaning action that automatically differentiates between infected and underlying healthy tissues. Complete removal of biofilm has been confirmed using DNA and immunochemistry analysis techniques. The mechanism of this desiccation-based cleaning process is universal, physical, and non-biological.

Following conventional methods for plaque biofilm debridement, periodontal pockets will still contain residual biofilm, which consists of harmful pathogens, dead tissue, and a combination of blood and inflammatory cells. There is strong evidence that molecular components of this bioburden remain despite rigorous standard prophylaxis using high-speed ultrasonic scalers and antibiotics.

Unlike standard cleansing agents, HYBENX quickly seeks out, dislodges, and destroys harmful pathogens and the residual molecular matrix in which they live on contact. Most dental practitioners will notice the ease of removing hardened calculus and plaque biofilm as HYBENX flows easily into hard to reach pits, furcations, and deep pockets to loosen residual bioburden.


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