Leave the foot pedal and cords behind and experience a portable laser without compromising on power or efficiency.

Weighing less than 100g, the ergonomically shaped iLase is light and features an exclusive wrap-around finger switch for optimum comfort throughout the day.

10 preset soft tissue and hygiene procedures are already installed for your convenience and 2 extra custom presets are also provided for a personalised experience.

– Finger operated.
– The iLase also features ”standby” and ”ready mode” functions on the handpiece that guard against unintentional delivery of laser energy when picked up.
– Convenient single-use bendable tips.
– 5 watts of peak power and up to 3 watts of continuous power.
– Fully charged battery lasts for many short procedures such as single tooth troughing, or longer single procedures such as pocket decontamination.
– Affordable – each dentist and hygienist can work with their own personal laser.
– 3 different power modes.

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