Implant Instrument Kit w/ Plastic Cassette

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This American Eagle Implant Kit comes in a Purple Zirc plastic cassette.

Cassettes protect instrument working ends from damage, health care professionals from instrument sticks, and offer organisation per procedure, saving time. Cassettes keep instruments apart, preventing dissimilar metals from touching and creating an electrolysis reaction. An electrolysis reaction can cause corrosion or unnecessary wear to the instrument, shortening its lifespan.


1 x Barnhart 5-6 (Posterior)
1 x 204S (Posterior)
1 x Nebraska 128/Langer 5 (Anterior)
1 x Langer 3-4 (Posterior)
Purple Zirc Cassette
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– Medical grade titanium
– Will not damage titanium implants
– EagleLite resin handles offer a unique ergonomic design reducing hand fatigue
– Available in either a kit or individual instruments


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