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Diamond-coated cylindrical tip (Ø 2.80 mm) for secondary drilling in the maxilla
Piezon ultrasonic surgery offers a multitude of advantages over conventional techniques: increased safety, enhanced visibility, more precision, faster healing and more patient comfort are some of the benefits which make the task of practitioners easier and less stressful. Designed to be a versatile technique suitable in a number of clinical situations, Piezon ultrasonic surgery is routinely used for implant dentistry but can equally be applied for periodontal surgery, endodontic surgery or surgical extractions.

Piezon ultrasonic surgery delivers high-frequency back-and-forth movements of the various tips with constant irrigation. The frequency self-adjusts according to the tips acoustic response. The vibration amplitude is also adjustable. This allows the power requirement to adapt constantly and instantaneously to the resistance encountered by the tip. Cavitation also has a hemostatic effect on the cut surfaces.

With the use of Piezon ultrasonic surgery, the practitioners job is done more safely and easily than using hand instruments alone.

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-Temperature controlled instrumentation
– Selective cut techology for atraumatic and safe surgical procedures
– Precise and conservative implant and pre-implant surgery possibilities
– Greater patient comfort and faster healing rate

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