MT4 Tip 6mm Tapered

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5 x MT4 Tip 6mm Tapered

Ideal for soft tissue (with some limited use for enamel and dentin), especially in Cosmetic and Micro-Dentistry applications.

Hard Tissue Applications:

Excavation of pits and fissures for placement of sealants; Pits and fissures/caries removal

Soft Tissue Applications:

Gingivectomy; gingival incision and excision; removal of pathological tissues; gingival troughing for crown preparations; gingivoplasty; frenectomy and frenetomy; incision and drainage of periapical abscessess; full, partial and split thickness flap preparation
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– Sapphire
– Ferrule Color: Green
– Diameter: 400 µm (highly tapered shaft, from 750 µm to 400 µm at output end)
– Length: 6 mm


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