NB Composite Instrument Sculptor Carver

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1 x NB Composite Instrument Sculptor Carver

BISCO’s NB Instruments are designed by the world renowned Dr. Nasser Barghi, Head of the Esthetic Dentistry Department at the University of Texas at San Antonio. They have been developed to work with today’s contemporary materials and techniques. The NB Instruments are constructed with superior grip and coated with titanium nitrate to reduce sticking and pullback.

These light weight instruments provide increased tactile sensitivity while the oversized handle provides maximum ergonomic comfort.

– NB Anterior is great for anterior facial anatomy
– NB Occlusal is excellent for shaping the occlusal surface of composites
– NB Carver is used for interproximal shaping of composites
– NB Mini Plugger is a round ended plugger with diameters of 1.5mm and 2.0mm for packing composites into narrow isthumus’ and small proximal boxes


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