Newtron Perfect Margin Shoulder Tip Kit

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1 x PMS1
1 x PMS2
1 x PMS3
1 x PM4
1 x Metal Holder
1 x Autoclavable Universal Wrench

The Newtron Perfect Margin Shoulder Tip Kit are ultrasonic instruments that have a flat section with rounded edges. The shoulder-shaped design not only enables a better preparation of the cervical margin, but also a more precise finish inside the groove.

These tips provide a lot of pressure during the process thanks to the subtle touch sense generated. They help to reach a perfectly polished and completely regular finish line.

The Perfect Margin shoulder tips do not generate harm to periodontal tissues and make the use of a gingival protection technique such as with thread retractors completely unnecessary. Therefore, they are recommended for polishing and perfecting the finishing line inside the groove and, as such, provide a great benefit when compared to traditional preparation techniques using diamond burs.

Each instrument has a coating designed specially to selectively prepare the dentine and the enamel, wherever the use of a diamond bur would prove too delicate.

Penetration in the sulcus can be visualised and gauged thanks to the laser marking 1mm from the end of the PM/ PMS 1, 2 and 3 tips offering the guarantee of totally safe and precise treatment.

PMS1: Preparation Shoulder shape with rounded angle diamond coating (76µm) at its tip. First insert in the ultrasonic sequence, after the preparation with the rotary instruments. Laser marking 1mm from the tip. Penetration into the groove to continue the preparation of the dentine, correct the margin and, subsequently, prepare the finish line giving it a shoulder shape.

PMS2: Finishing Shoulder shape with rounded angle Second instrument in the clinical protocol. Due to its less dense than the PMS1 diamond coating (46µm) and its laser marking 1mm from the tip, this insert allows you to achieve a shoulder-shaped finish without damaging the grip system. With a lower power setting, it allows the dentine to be polished.

PMS3: Polishing Shoulder shaped with rounded angle, this completely soft and smooth insert complements the finishing sequences, improving the state of the cervical limit surface just before the impression taking. It also has a laser marking 1mm from its end.

PM4: Crown-root preparation. With its conical shape and 46µm diamond layer, the PM4 is ideal for crown-root preparations before the inlay filling as well as to smooth anatomical post inlet cones.

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