Prismatic Loupes with One Black Edition Frame

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StyleItaliano Direct Workflow

Prismatic Loupes with One Black Edition Frame are available in a wide range of colours and magnification.

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The magnitude of forms and strength of materials of the Prismatic loupes with One Black Edition Frame prove they have been designed to perfection.

One rediscovers the essence of eyewear, a unique product that combines strength and lightness.

Composed of a frame made in titanium and aluminum alloy, its high-definition optical system allows you to have an extremely clean and crisp vision.

Beauty, aesthetic and visual performance, uniqueness are the ingredients of One, an exceptional product that brings you excitement and performance.

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– Light and resistant frame made of titanium and aluminium alloy
– High definition optics for sharp images
– Flexible hinges
– Adjustable nose piece in width and height
– Wide range of prescriptions
– 3,5x, 4,0x, 5,0x

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