One-Step Adhesive Refill

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1 x 6ml One-Step Adhesive

One-Step uses the same proprietary chemical compound found in All-Bond 2. This molecular structure – BPDM – features a biphenyl ring structure to provide more freedom of rotation for higher monomer conversion rates. As a result, you get consistent, complete curing reactions that help prevent sensitivity and microleakage whenever you use One-Step.

– Bonds to a multitude of substrates
– Compatible with light-, self- and dual-cured materials (without the use of additional activators)
– A truly one-bottle total-etch adhesive, one of its kind on the market
– Ensures complete seating of restorations due to low film thickness (Approx. 10µm)
– One-Step Plus is formulated with filler particles to help reduce post-operative sensitivity
– Its proprietary chemistry makes it an exceptional adhesive for metal bonding, including implant abutments


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