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1 x 6ml Bottle One Step Plus


One Step Plus is a filled version of the clinically proven One Step.

One Step Plus is designed to bond composite to dentin, enamel, cast metals, treated porcelain and set amalgam. Because of its unique chemistry and its minimal and uniform film thickness, this system is also designed for indirect techniques when used with a cementation medium as well as amalgam bonding.

– Bonds to a multitude of substrates
– Compatible with light-, self- and dual-cured materials (without the use of additional activators)
– A truly one-bottle total-etch adhesive, one of its kind on the market
– Ensures complete seating of restorations due to low film thickness (Approx. 10µm)
– One-Step Plus is formulated with filler particles to help reduce post-operative sensitivity
– Its proprietary chemistry makes it an exceptional adhesive for metal bonding, including implant abutments


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