Opalescence Go 6% HP – 6 Pack

Opalescence Go 6% HP - 6 Pack

Opalescence Go combines everything that is in whitening. It is convenient, comfortable, ready-to-use, disposable, hygienic, effective and predictable! What’s more, it is EU compliant 6% PF hydrogen peroxide formula is delivered in a unique tray which custom forms in the mouth using heat activated polymers, for optimal results and instant application.

Enhanced UltraFit tray for an evenmore adaptable and comfortable tooth whitening experience.

True to its name Opalescence Go is perfect for travel, top-ups and quick starts. It is an ideal treatment option complimenting other tooth whitening and stain removing procedures you offer and a therefore a great practice builder.


6 x Patient Kits
10 Upper Prefilled Trays (per kit)
10 Lower Prefilled Trays (per kit)

– Unique tray material – extrememly comfortable fit and easily forms to patient’s individual smile
– Molar-to-molar coverage ensures the gel comes into snug contact with posterior teeth and forms to the occlusal surface
– UltraFit tray’s superior adaptation ensures maximum amount of gel stays in contact with the teeth
– Available in the EU compliant 6% hydrogen peroxide
– Convenient prefilled trays can be worn right out of the package for immediate use
– Deliciousmint flavour for a pleasant patient experience
– Optimal gel quantity allows easy clean up after whitening
– Sleek packaging provides superior stability, shelf life, and branding
– Dedicated marketing support packages available

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Hints & Tips

  • How does bleaching work?
    The whitening process is possible due to the ability of the carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide to freely pass through enamel and dentin and to permeate to all parts of the tooth. These peroxides break down into oxygen radicals, which migrate between the enamel prisms, breaking down any coloured molecules that result in tooth discolouration. The structure of the tooth is not altered; the internal tooth colour is simply made lighter.

    Whitening agents break down into tiny molecules and move in all directions, so even if the entire tooth is not covered with gel, the entire tooth is whitened.

    Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of peroxides in whitening teeth. Enamel, dentin, existing fillings, and bonding materials are not harmed by the whitening materials.

  • The pH value of an aqueous solution is used to determine its acidity or basicity. It is a numeric scale ranging from 1 to 14; 1 being most acidic, 14 being most alkaline. The saliva of humans can range from 6.5-7.4, mineral water pH 6.0, milk pH 6.5, blood pH 7.4. When a solution has neutral pH value, it is 7.0 – this is the value of pure water.
    It is important for a bleaching product to have as neutral a Ph value as possible. If a tooth bleaching product is ‘acidic’ or more ‘basic’, it could roughen the surface of the tooth and promote new discolorations.

    The pH values of our Opalescence products are:
    Opalescence Go 6% pH 6.0
    Opalescence PF 10%, 16% pH 6.5

    As you can see, they are in the pH neutral range (between 6.0 und 6.5), meaning you can whiten your teeth and see great results without the fear of damaging the structure of your teeth.

  • Will whitening affect bond strength?
    Even though whitening agents release a great amount of oxygen into the tooth, existing bonds are not weakened.

    If whitening before bonding, allow a period of 7–10 days after whitening. The high concentration of oxygen in the tooth could significantly and adversely affect polymerization of the resins.

  • How long do whitening results last?
    Whitening results are very stable, but depending on the patient's nutrition and lifestyle habits, the procedure may need to be redone periodically. Due to the safety of the whitening agents, this should not concern the dentist or patient.

  • Will whitening cause tooth sensitivity?
    Tooth sensitivity is a relatively common side effect of whitening. If sensitivity occurs, it is transient and disappears after the completion of the whitening procedure.