Opalescence Toothpaste Large Tube

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12 x 4.7 oz tubes Opalescence Toothpaste

Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste is an easy and effective way to maintain a bright, white smile

The Opalescence Toothpaste Large Tubes are less abrasive than other whitening toothpastes, making it safe enough for everyday use. This professional whitening toothpaste not only removes surface stains, but also helps strengthen the teeth with its unique formula. It is safe for everyday use, provides enamel protection and aids in caries prevention, effectively removes surface stains. It also offers a higher fluoride uptake than most other toothpastes, ensuring enhanced oral health along with a whiter smile.

Opalescence Toothpaste contains xylitol for improved oral health. It is gluten free and kosher certified, so it conforms to the dietary requirements of your patients from many backgrounds.

This toothpaste is a great way for your patients to maintain their results following a whitening treatment.

– Unique tri-silica blend actively removes surface stains
– Safe for long term daily use
– Contains sodium fluoride to help prevent cavities and strengthen enamel
– Efficient, quick fluoride release
– High enamel fluoride uptake
– Maximum enamel, dentin, and restoration protection
– Comes in Cool Mint flavor


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