Optident Sterilox Electrolyte Solution

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4 x 4 litres Optident Sterilox Electrolyte Solution

Like every conscientious dentist you care about your staff and your patients. It goes without saying that you do everything you can to keep your instruments and equipment sterile and the working environment within your practice SAFE. Good intentions aside, many dentists do not even realise that the water they use through the DUWL (Dental Unit Water Line) is not even considered safe for drinking under EU directives.

With the infection control requirements within a dental practice along with essential maintenance precautions, requirements of Legionella policy, treatment of biofilm and removal of microbiological load in dental unit waterlines, the effective decontamination of DUWL’s must become the norm and not the exception.

Optident Sterilox is a safe and effective method for disinfecting and decontaminating dental unit waterlines. In addition, the solution can be used as a 10% solution for impression disinfection.*

With effective use of the Optident Sterilox Water Treatment system and displaying the Optident Sterilox Safe Environment logo, you, your patients and your dental team can rest assured that they are working and being treated in a responsibly managed and safe environment.

* Dr M V Martin, Dr N Martin, Dr N M Jedynakiewicz, April 2004, University of Liverpool

– Unsurpassed microbiocidal performance
– No expensive, toxic chemicals
– No oral, skin or eye toxicity irritation or fumes
– No additional protective equipment necessary
– Excellent for impression disinfection
– Equipment, surface, environment and user friendly


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