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The refined and versatile Piezon® 150 series features the intuitive EMS “Original Piezon® Method” technology, offering dental professionals with more effectiveness and efficiency in all means.

With a comprehensive wide range of Swiss Instruments PM, the applications are endless; from Prophylaxis to Periodontal treatments and Endodontics to Implant maintenance.

finger-Tip Power Control

Simple and precise power setting with a large ergonomic and effortless finger-tip power regulator, the Piezon® 150 is designed for intuitive use. It includes 35 LED-indicated power increments and a Soft-Perio power zone indicator

1 x Piezon Handpiece
3 x Tips – A, P, PS (each in combitorique)
1 x Cord
2 x Water Filters
1 x Foot Switch
EMS devices have been designed and tested for exclusive use with EMS prophylaxis powders.

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