Piezon Application PS, P & A

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1 x PIEZON LED Handpiece
1 x PIEZON A Tip
1 x PIEZON P Tip
4 x LED light guides

The Piezon Application PS, P and A box is your complete multipurpose scaling kit.

It enables you to remove any remaining calculus supra- and subgingivally up to 10mm.

The A tip is designed for heavy calculus removal in supragingival areas.

The P tip is used for hard calculus removal in sub and supragingival areas.

The PS tip is recommended for 95% of all scaling treatments. Ideal for sensitive patients, children and recalls. Effective in both sub and supragingival areas up to 9mm.

The Piezon LED handpiece is Lightweight and ergonomic and delivers optimum visibility due to circular light emission.

It is perfect for use with the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master and PIEZON® no PAIN equipment.


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