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PIEZON PS Application enables clinicians to remove any remaining calculus supra- and subgingivally up to 10mm.

The PS Instrument can be used for 95% of all cases. The linear motion of the PIEZON PS Instrument provide no damage to tooth surfaces and soft tissues. It is minimally invasive to the root cementum and has a dynamic power setting.

The EMS Perio Slim instrument has the best interproximal and subgingival access

3 additional PS Instruments allows clinicians to perform complete half day reprocessing cycles: from cleaning to sterilisation.

It is perfect for use with the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master and PIEZON no PAIN equipment.


1 x PIEZON LED Handpiece
3 x PIEZON PS Instruments – recommended for 95% of all scaling treatments. Ideal for sensitive patients, children and recalls. Effective in both sub and supragingival areas up to 9mm
4 x ED light guides


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