Piezon Master 700 Standard

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If clinical perfection is what you are looking for, the Piezon® Master 700 is just for you. With intelligent Piezon® NO PAIN technology and a wide range of EMS Swiss Instruments of unparalleled precision, you will offer the most appropriate treatment available today and obtain the best results for your patients and your practice.

Equipped with the Original Piezon Method from EMS, the Piezon® Master 700 is the perfect formula for uniquely smooth tooth surfaces, offers maximum protection of the gums and virtually painless treatment.

The NO PAIN module of the Piezon® Master 700 allows power differentiation delivered in a variety of treatment applications. But regardless of procedure, the linear movements of the instrument and uniform power output combine to spare the epithelium, to optimise treatment efficiency and increase patient comfort.


1 x Piezon LED Handpiece
1 x A Tip
1 x P Tip
1 x PS Tip
1 x Steribox
2 x Magnetic Handpiece Holders
2 x Bottles for Piezon Rinsing Solution
1 x Multifunctional Foot
1 x Handpiece Hose
EMS devices have been designed and tested for exclusive use with EMS prophylaxis powders.

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