Prismatic Loupes with Air-X Flip-Up Frame

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StyleItaliano Direct Workflow

Prismatic Loupes with Air-X Flip-up Frame are available in white/red and custom magnification.

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The Air-X frame has an accurate and planned design in detail to ensure a carefully balanced and intuitive system.

Air-X is the perfect synthesis of versatility and technology. A product with extraordinary ergonomics and fit, comfortable and practical to use thanks to the possibility of adjusting the optical system.

Among the special features, the Air-X optical system offers the possibility of numerous enlargements, ideal for your specific needs.

The Air-X frame can be worn over your prescription eyewear.

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– Exclusive ergonomic frame
– Extreme intuitive adjustment of the optical system
– High magnifications for better effectiveness of interventions
– Stackable to corrective glasses
– Also available with protection against laser or UV525 radiation
– Adjustable nose piece

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