Quad-Tray X2 Anteroir

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50 x Quad-Tray X2 Anteroir

Anterior Quad Tray X2 Anterior dramatically reduces the incidence of anterior impression distortion. With ultra rigid, aluminum construction this impression tray will not flex. The customisable arch width and perforated side walls will capture anterior teeth effectively while retaining the impression material.

For many years, the Quad-Tray has been dentistry`s first and best-selling metal, dual arch, disposable quadrant impression tray. Compared with inferior plastic trays, the inflexible Quad-Tray delivers unparalleled accuracy and is easy to use.

All Quad Tray are made from rigid aluminium so they will not distort when placed intraorally or upon removal. The wide arch design prevents burn through of the teeth, a common problem with most plastic trays.You can adjust the tray`s arch width to suit virtually any patient`s arch size.

The Low Sidewall design feature prevents palatal impingement and axial roll of the tray wall, a common causes of distortion. They have a 25% Thinner Distal Bar is tapered to prevent distortion.

Without limiting the number of teeth you can impress (up to four), the lingual wall of the QUAD-TRAY is slightly shorter to prevent impingement on the lingual surface of the patient`s anterior teeth, particularly in smaller mouths. Two upper and two lower retention bars along the inside of the buccal and lingual tray walls help lock the impression material to the tray, preventing material dislodgement

With no loss of rigidity, the QUAD-TRAY is the only metal tray with attached mesh. This design detail prevents impression material from dripping and ensures flow around the distal wall, forming a secure lock between the material and tray. The mesh has been extended slightly toward the handle to ensure the accurate capture of up to four teeth.

The QUAD-TRAY technique is clinically proven and is used for consistently accurate, perfect impressions.

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– Dramatically reduces the incidence of anterior impression distortion
– Ultra rigid, aluminum construction that will never flex
– Half-arch design to provide more occlusal information
– Customisable arch width and perforated side walls for retention
– Large handle for easy handling
– Recyclable


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