Quick Loupes Techne Black 40cm Large

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StyleItaliano Direct Workflow


1 x Quick Loupe Techne Black 40cm Large

The Quick Loupe Techne Black 40cm Large are lightweight with a modern and clean design, Quick Loupes are the binocular accessible to everyone.

Simple to use with pre-defined interpupillary distances that can be chosen according to your needs, it maintains all the advantages, comfort and optical characteristics of TTL devices. A perfect tool for those who initially approach the activity giving the possibility to the eye to get used with basic enlargements.

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– Predefined interpupillary distances
– Optical characteristics of a TTL device
– Sporty and comfortable frames
– Equipped with Galileo PRO optical system
– Roofs of integrated side areas
– Magnifications available – 2.5x PRO

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