RFPT5 Radial Firing Tip 2/Pk

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1 x RFPT5-14mm
1 x RFPT8-14mm

Ideal for treating moderate to advanced periodontal disease.

Removes diseased, infected, inflamed, and necrosed soft tissue and calculus within the periodontal pocket, and promotes new attachment.

Design based on Biolase’s patented Radial Firing Tips, but also features a unique design that results in primary radial emission of laser energy with a portion of straight emission. Compared to most tips and fibers that only emit straight laser energy, the RFPT’s radial energy provides more efficient irradiation of diseased or inflamed soft tissue as well as calculus deposits.

The RFPT also provides better access to the narrow part of the periodontal pocket.

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– Single-Use Tip
– Fiber Diameter: 500 µm
– Outer Tip Diameter: 580 µm
– Beam pattern: Primarily radial emission, with a portion of straight laser energy
– Tip Length:14-mm


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