549 Safety Glasses Black Frame G15 Polar Lens

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1 x 549 Safety Glasses Black frame G15 Polar lens

The 549 Safety Glasses house a special polarised lens. Highly technological, it has been designed to eliminate reverberations and reduce glare.

Its peculiar structure blocks luminous radiation depending on its polariSation, allowing only the rays from direct sources to pass and significantly improving the vision ability in bright light.

Italians are renowned for their style and flair and Italian company, Univet, have followed this through to their range of in-surgery protective eyewear.

As a market leader and specialists in the field of medical eye protection, Univet safety glasses are a fusion of ergonomic and stylish design offering extreme practicality and performance at excellent value. They come with anti-scratch and anti-fog as standard.

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– Ergonomic temples, no adjustment is necessary
– Anatomically shaped nose pad adapts to all face
– Solar lens designed on the basis of the spectral luminous
– Very Relaxed
– Perfect colour recognition (TSR)


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